Hizmet Verdiğimiz Sektörler

  • Detergent and Cleaning Chemicals
  • Textile and Leather Chemicals
  • Cosmetic Chemicals
  • Essence and Perfume Chemicals
  • Agrochemicals and Design Chemicals
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Auxiliary Chemicals
  • Automotive Care Chemicals
  • Construction and Cement Chemicals
  • Paint, Varnish and Polymerization Chemicals
  • Galvano Coating Chemicals
  • Environment, Public Health and Veterinary Chemicals
  • Petrochemical and Drilling Chemicals
  • Wood and Furniture Chemicals
  • Alkyd and Polyester Resin Chemicals
  • Cardboard and Packaging Chemicals
  • Pool, Disinfectant and Water Conditions Chemicals
  • Mineral Oil and Metal Chemicals
  • Steam and Boiler Chemicals
  • Polyol and Polyurethane Chemicals
  • Ceramic and Glass Chemicals
  • Binder and Finishing Chemicals

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