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As Bilim Kimya, we are committed to using natural resources wisely, continuously improving our environmental protection performance and adhering to the principles of sustainable development while conducting all our activities in a manner that meets the needs and expectations of our customers and all related parties.
Based on this goal, our desire and commitment is to eliminate the root causes of negative impacts on the environment and human health and to continuously improve the behaviours and conditions that cause these impacts.
We continuously work and will continue to work to eliminate the negative effects of our activities on environmental health with the principle of continuous improvement, in accordance with all laws and regulations on environmental protection, the expectations of our customers on these issues and the guidelines of international organisations such as ZDHC.
We are committed to eliminating the use and emissions of hazardous substances listed in the ZDHC MRSL at our facilities. For this reason
We use safer and sustainable chemical raw materials in our production processes to ensure the protection of the health of our employees, society, the environment and our consumers,
We continuously monitor our compliance with global legislation on restricted substances in our end products and our customer requirements through analyses,
We transparently share applicable information on our chemical management practices with external stakeholders (such as Brands, subcontractors and customers) and internal stakeholders (employees, labourers and staff).
In order to create a healthy working environment, we provide regular training to all our employees on the safe use, storage and transport of chemicals.
We continuously update the knowledge and skills of our personnel on Chemical Management through trainings.

General Manager

Our Certificates

Bilim Endüstriyel Kimyasallar 9001
Bilim Endüstriyel Kimyasallar 10002
Bilim Endüstriyel Kimyasallar 14001
Bilim Endüstriyel Kimyasallar 45001
Bilim Endüstriyel Kimyasallar GMP

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